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ePayroll FAQ's

ePayroll services help PDS reduce printing and mailing costs by eliminating printed pay checks and pay advices, while giving your employees anytime, anywhere access to electronic paystubs and personal payroll services via phone, fax, and Web.

ePayroll offers universal access. Employees get secure, 24-hour access to pay data via user-friendly Web and phone interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What services does ePayroll provide?
A: ePayroll includes the following services:

  • PayStub Review
  • W4 Maintenance
  • Direct Deposit Maintenance

Q:How secure is the payroll information on ePayroll?
A: ePayroll uses the strict security currently provided by The Work Number. The Work Number was selected because of its extensive security measures. It has a perfect track record of safeguarding clients’ sensitive payroll data since its initial launch in 1995. The data is securely stored in a world-class data center.

Q:Can past paystubs be accessed in addition to the current pay period on ePayroll?
A: Yes, you will be able to view on-line up to 3 months of previous paystubs, and up to 3 years of year-end paystubs.

Q:How do I get to my ePayroll information?
A: Access ePayroll on-line at https://epayroll.theworknumber.com/pds or by telephone at 1-800-672-3729 employer code 11615.

After you have accessed ePayroll through one of the above methods, you will need to log in:

You are required to enter your Social Security Number [SSN] and PIN (Personal Identification Number) for access to your data. Your PIN will initially be the last 4 digits of your SSN. These numbers are automatically masked and encrypted for your protection and you will be required to change your PIN on your initial entry.

Q:Is the payroll information provided on-line the same as the information provided on the telephone?
A: On-line, you can view either a summary of your paystub information or your entire detailed paystub. By the telephone, you can only hear a summary of your paystub information which includes check date, total hours worked, net pay, and net pay distribution.

Q:Is assistance available for ePayroll users if needed?
A: Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are available to help you during normal business hours if you have locked yourself out of ePayroll. Additionally, ePayroll on-line includes Help links that can guide you step-by-step through a transaction.


The Work Number ePayroll Services use strict measures to keep sensitive payroll information secure. Each time an employee accesses an ePayroll Service, a message appears on the Main Menu screen that states the date and time of the last successful logon to that employee’s data. This security measure reassures employees that unauthorized users have not accessed their personal information since their last logon. Encryption and restricted access procedures are standard with all TALX services.

In addition, when you logon to ePayroll, you enter a secure area, and you can tell by looking at the bottom of your Internet browser window. In Netscape Navigator, you may see a solid key icon or a solid padlock, indicating a secure session. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is a padlock icon at the bottom of the screen. If the padlock looks locked, you are in a secure area. If there is no padlock or it looks unlocked, you are not in a secure area. You can also look at your browser's address bar. When you are in a secure area, the web site address will begin https:// instead of the standard http://. The addition of the letter "s" indicates a secure connection. Whether it is on ePayroll or another web site, we encourage you to always make sure you are in a secure area before submitting sensitive data like your social security or credit card number.

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